Regal Studio


Recording RMG uses a 64-channel DM-4800 digital Argosy Console and Tri-monitored Sonar X-1 software with a full assortment of soft synths and software plug-ins. We feature Neumann, AKG, Sure, EV, Tube and Octavia microphones. We have a very comfortable studio and control room suite with four tuned isolation rooms, complete with sound-traps, designed with the X-Axis completed through the B-fields and interconnected for eye contact.


Custom Demo Production...

If you have songs that need to be recorded, a song you have written and need a demo, or a need for custom tracks to perform with, we have the musicians, producers and vocalists to work with you.

                                                        Basic Demo Production Rate - $75.00 per song
                                                                 Advanced Demo Rate - Per quote